Welcome to where we are committed to providing you with 100% natural, grass fed products from small, local ranchers who raise their livestock on pasture the way nature intended.

All grass and no grains without any hormones or any antibiotics. You can truly taste the Grass Fed difference.

Why choose local, grass fed meat over the meat typically found in your grocery store? A great question that more of us should know the answer to but don’t. In short, it’s much healthier for you, more humane and healthier for the animal and better for the environment. 

Make a difference by buying your meat from sustainable farming operations and dining at restaurants who use pasture raised products from local farmers.  Explore our site to learn more and visit our national directory to find farms and restaurants who sell grass fed and grass finished beef.

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The supply of Omega-3s drop each day that an animal spends in the feedlot.
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