Florida Fresh Meat Company

Florida Fresh Meat Company

Contact Information

Phone 352-566-8586
Website URL (use http://) http://floridafreshmeat.com
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Street Address 13770 S. HWY 475
City Summerfield
State Florida
Zip Code 34491

Farm Products

Meat Products 100% Grass fed beef100% Grass Fed Goat100% Grass fed lamb100% Grass-Fed Angus/Angus Cross BeefAngus Grass Fed Beef PackagesBeefChickenDuckGoatkosherLambPastured porkRabbit, pork, goatTurkeyVealWagyu beef, Pastured pork, Rabbit, Chicken, Goat
Dairy Products Eggs
Certified Organic? No, but follow organic standards

Farm Practices

Farm Practices Not Certified, but follow organic principles • Pastured & Grass fed
Environment Animals raised in low stress, natural environment • Animals are raised outdoors in pasture • Ruminants are only fed grass, hay or grass silage
Antibiotic Free? Yes
Hormone Free? Yes
Feed Practices (Beef) Pastured

Buying Information

Buying Options Grocery Stores • Local Markets • Local Pickup • Online (direct ship)
Where To Buy 13770 S. Highway 475
Summerfield, Florida 34491

Terra Verde Farms Of Florida
407 Commerce Way
Unit 9A
Jupiter,Fl 33458

Sarturday Mornings

Haile Village Farmers Market
5 Minutes west of I-75 off Archer Road
Haile Village
SW 91st Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32608
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

or online at www.floridafreshmeat.com


A Commitment to Local Sustainability

Florida Fresh Meat Company produces organically raised, 100% gourmet grass fed Angus beef, grass fed lamb and goat, natural pastured pork and chickens. All of our meats are harvested from healthy, docile animals raised on lush shaded pastures throughout North Central Florida. These exceptional animals feast on a salad bar of pesticide-free "gourmet" forage including clover, wheat, oat and rye grass, millet and more. All livestock are harvested at a USDA inspected facility.



Our beef carcasses, once processed, are hung in an air ventilated refrigerated locker for up to 28 days for our "old school" dry-aging process. This process naturally tenderizes the meat and enhances its taste. The beef is then cut into gourmet roasts, steaks and Angus Burger (a local Ocala favorite.)

Each cut of beef, whether roast or steak is individually packed in a vacuum bag and sealed for freshness. Beef is available by the individual cut, various Variety Packs or by the whole, half, quarter or eighth beef.

We use only grass fed, hair sheep lamb, allowing for a light flavorful taste. Our pigs are fed whole veggies and whole grains, never leftovers or waste produts. Our chickens are raised on real rotating pasture, eating naturally, with a supplementation feed of non-gmo grain.

Our relationships with various like-minded ranchers throughout the state have allowed us to develop a consistent supply of local, healthy Florida meat available in bulk or individual cuts. All of our products are available throughout the entire year.

Florida Fresh Meat Company and its sister company, Florida Glatt Kosher Meats is a locally owned family business, established in 2008. We are proud to be the first company in almost 20 years to produce fresh local meat to the public under USDA inspection.


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