Herbed Seasoning Salt

Contrary to most seasoning salt recipes which are made with dry ingredients, this seasoning salt is made using fresh, aromatic herbs that truly enhance the flavor of grass fed beef.


This "secret seasoning salt" recipe comes from Stanley Fishman's Tender Grassfed Meat cookbook.  The cookbook is well researched and easy to read. If you want to learn the traditional ways of cooking tender grass fed meat, you should check this cookbook out.

When preparing this recipe, use only coarse, unrefined sea salt and fresh herbs. You can make this salt in small batches and store it in the refrigerator.  Whenever you need to use the salt, take out what you need and crush it just before applying to your meat.  Crushing the salt further blends the flavors together.


Mix together the following ingredients together, place in a glass jar and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. 

2 tbs coarse sea salt
2 teaspoons fresh, finely chopped thyme
1 tsp each of fresh, finely chopped parsley, sage & rosemary
3 garlic cloves chopped

This salt is great on any cut of beef, but I particularly love using it when grilling Sirloin Steak (see Sirloin Steak with Herbed Salt recipe).



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