Applecheek Farm

Applecheek Farm

Contact Information

Phone (802) 888-4482
Website URL (use http://)
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Street Address 567 McFarlane Road VT
City Hyde Park
State Vermont
Zip Code 05655

Farm Products

Meat Products BeefChickenDuckPorkTurkeyVeal
Dairy Products EggsMilk
Certified Organic? Yes

Farm Practices

Farm Practices Certified Organic • Pastured & Grass fed
Environment Animals raised in low stress, natural environment • Animals are raised outdoors in pasture • Ruminants are only fed grass, hay or grass silage
Antibiotic Free? Yes
Hormone Free? Yes
Feed Practices (Beef) 100% Grass, Hay & Grass Silage

Buying Information

Buying Options Local Markets • Local Pickup
Where To Buy Join our CSA, our Buyers Club or visit our Localvore Farm Store located on our farm. Visit our web site for more details.

As sustainable family owned farm which produces organic dairy, grass-fed beef, humanely raised veal, pasture-raised poultry, raw milk, pasture raised eggs, emu oil and more.

Applecheek Farm is a certified organic, diversified and sustainable family owned farm located in beautiful Hyde Park, Vermont. Our farm produces organic dairy, grass-fed beef, humanely raised veal, pasture-raised poultry, raw milk and emu oil.


Our philosophy is simple. We strive to produce food that encompasses dignity, local economy, optimal nutrition and restores the ecological capital in our soils.

Our Beef

Grass-fed beef is the “new red meat” and we are taking it very serious here at Applecheek Farm. We use heritage breed genetics such as Devons and Shorthorns to raise meats that acquire excellent marbling, texture, and flavor. We take great pride in both raising and finishing our beef on grass, which produces a superior taste and nutritional volume in comparison to conventional grain fed cattle.

Our cows are raised on pasture and consume large amounts of beautiful, nutrient dense grass without any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Grazing System

Our grazing system is done in a managed, rotational pattern that builds ecological resilience and fertility within our soils. In return, this method sequesters carbon at a very high rate unlike non sustainable farming operations.

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Meat from pastured cattle is 4 times higher in vitamin E than meat from feedlot cattle.
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