Chickens Raised In Battery Cages

Never heard of battery cage chicken farming? It is unnecessarily cruel. Hens are cruelly confined in barren battery cages so small they can barely move their entire lives. Restaurants like IHOP buy from these types of farms. When we eat grocery store and fast food chicken or when we buy their cheap eggs, we are supporting the use of battery cages and other unhealthy and unsustainable farm practices.

Unfortunately, most of us live in a state of oblivion when it comes to knowing where the food we eat comes from. We've rationalized to ourselves that factory farming is a necessary evil to feed a large population at a reasonable cost. But we've become so out of touch that we've stopped allowing our voice to be heard. We eat at restaurants that support inhumane farming operations. We don't vote with our wallets.

We'd like to believe that it's because people simply don't know. So, it's time to educate ourselves and pay attention to the farming practices behind the food that we eat..  Take a minute to watch this 5 minute video from The Humane Society. It is a video from a recent undercover investigation which reveals the shocking abuses found in battery cage chicken farming operations.

As you can see, the footage reveals filthy conditions, sick and injured hens, and birds forced to live in cages with the decomposing corpses of other birds.  Do you really think these types of farming practices produce healthy and nutritious food?

Once you've been exposed to the realities of some of the industrial farming practices in the United States, it's really hard to turn your back.  It's time we all started making a concerted effort to support healthy, sustainable farming practices.  Make your vote heard by voting with your wallet and we all win in the end. 

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